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Graham's Island Road - Benson Count
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CER-3607(052) & (053) Grade Raise, Relocation, HBP 1997
CER-3607(056) Riprap – 1999
CER-3607(058) Grade Raise, Riprap & Aggregate Surfacing – 2005
CER-SRF-3607(059) Hot Bituminous Surfacing – 2006
CER-3607(061) - Grade Raise & Hot Bituminous Surfacing   2011         
CER-3607(052) & CER-3607(053)
In 1997 Wold Engineering, P.C. was awarded the contract as the Engineering Consultant for the grade raise and relocation of the Grahams Island Road.  The road was inundated with water due to the rising level of Devils Lake. The water closed the Grahams Island State Park, and forced area residents to evacuate their homes.  The relocation moved the new road alignment to higher ground and abandoned 2 miles of roadway that was flooded.  The provided a considerable cost savings by using conventional grading with no riprap requirements. Wold Engineering, P.C. was responsible for the preliminary engineering including project design, plan preparation, concept report, solicitation letters, right-of-way plats and acquisition and wetlands, as well as overseeing the construction phase of the project.  The completed grade raise elevation was approximately 6 feet above the current lake level.  In 1998, Wold Engineering, P.C. designed and monitored the placement of the present Hot Bituminous Surface.
In 1999, the lake continued to rise above the protected slopes, which required a slope protection project to prevent erosion and loss of the road shoulder. Wold Engineering, P.C. provided an innovative procedure for placement of the fabric and riprap along the road shoulder. This has proven successful as the lake has risen to within one-foot of the road shoulder and the roadway has remained intact with no maintenance cost.
CER-3607(058) & CER-SRF-3607(059)
In 2005, Wold Engineering, P.C. completed a grade raise, riprap and aggregate surfacing of 3.3 miles of the Grahams Island Road which started at the Park Entrance and ran north. This stretch of roadway also received a Hot Bituminous Surfacing in 2006.

In 2011, Wold Engineering, P.C. was awarded the preliminary engineering, survey, design and construction engineering of 4.84 miles of the Graham’s Island Road.  This project consisted of grading, riprap, aggregate base and hot bituminous surfacing raising the current elevation to 1461. Construction was completed in 2012.