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    Construction Management
    Land Development
    Water/Waste Water
    BRC-0527(052) - Bottineau County
    BRO-0016(017) - Foster County
    BRO-0025(011) - McHenry County
    BRO-0048(020) - Towner County
    BRO-CNOC-0003(050) - Benson County
    CNOA-0527(054) - Bottineau County
    CNOB-CNOC-4024(054) - Rolette County
    COIA-COIB-1227(005) - Divide County
    COIB-0506(056) - Bottineau County
    COIB-0517(055) - Bottineau County
    CP-0520(001) & CP-0547(002) - Bottineau County
    Lake Metigoshe Cabin Road Paving Assessment District 2019
    ND FLAP CR2(1) - Des Lacs Wildlife Refuge Project
    ND FTFW CLSA 12(3) - J. Clark Salyer Wildlife Refuge
    PTC Construction, LTD, Paterson Grain, LLC - Bottineau Site
    SC-0547(061) - Bottineau County
    SC-0547(062) - Lake Loop - Bottineau Co
    SC-0551(004) - Bottineau County
    SC-2539(053) - McHenry County
    SHE-4-083(124)244 - Bottineau County
    SOIB-4-005(032)113 - Renville County
    SOIB-4-060(019)017 - Bottineau County
    CNOA-4804(057) - Towner County
    City of Bottineau - Forestry Park Shared Use Path
    AC-NH-RSN-TEN-4-005(015)177 - NDSH 5 Through City of Bottineau
    SC-0547(055) & SC-0547(057) - Lake Loop Road - Lake Metigoshe
    TEC-0547(051)(052)(054) - Lake Metigoshe Shared Use Path
    TEO-0005(015) - Mystical Horizons
    CNOA-0500(002) - Long Lake Road
    PLH-0005(031) - Newburg Bridge
    Mendards-Minot - Civil Site Design
    Graham's Island Road - Benson Count
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